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Sep 29

Dental Implants in Georgetown Kentucky

Getting To Know More About Dental Implants Georgetown Ky

Dental implants are substitutes for a missing tooth or teeth. One advantage of tooth implants is that they look like a set of natural teeth. You don’t have to remove the dental implant to clean your teeth unlike dentures. You can simply brush them together with your original teeth.

To carry out the procedure, a titanium post is placed into either the upper or lower jawbone depending on where you need the tooth or teeth. When the bone around the implant has grown, that is when the tooth is placed. But the condition of your jawbone must be checked first to decide if you are a good candidate for a dental implant. Also, your natural teeth as well as the supporting tissues must be healthy enough and in good condition.

Generally, dental implants Georgetown Ky are great for anyone who has a missing tooth or teeth. They are your best choice if some accident or condition leads to the jawbone becoming soft and not able to support the teeth. It makes chewing easy and effective, makes you more confident each time you smile, eat and speak.

Beautiful smiles with dental implants are possible at any age

In addition, it can support either your lower or upper denture. Since implants are highly durable, you won’t feel uncomfortable while biting. You don’t have to worry that they might slip out of your mouth.

There are two dental implant options to choose from. They are fixed or removable dental implants. Removable dental implants are not permanently attached to the jaw and can be detached when required. Fixed dental implants are joined to the bone.

Fixed dental implants are supported by titanium, because of its special capability of fusing with the bone. This procedure is called Osseo Integration.

A dental implant is an advanced surgical procedure in which the dentist creates channels into the jawbone. The implants are then fitted into the channels in order to make close contact with the bone.

It typically takes 3 to 6 months for the implant to fuse with the bone. Then your dentist is able to proceed with the next step. And that is to add a crown. During the healing process, your implant may be sensitive to extreme temperature for a few days.

Crowns are found to be extremely reliable and with appropriate care, they will last. With the help of a dentist, it’s possible to even have them replaced without disturbing the fusion of implants to the bone.

It is recommended that you brush and floss properly as your daily dental hygiene. Regular dental visits are also advised to monitor your implants and make certain that the implant’s fusion with the bone and crown is stable. In general, if you take proper care of your implants effectively, it will take care of you for the rest of your life.

Teeth normally break as a person ages and once you lose them, they won’t grow back again. That’s why dental implants in Georgetown Ky exist.

While dentures and dental bridges may aid your current tooth problem, they cannot provide the comfort of having natural teeth. But dental implants can.

A good investment on dental implants can solve all your dental needs. Dr. Kathy Bartlett at Georgetown Dental has been doing dental implants before many dentists even thought of trying them. She is your local expert.

With all its advantages among other dental procedures, a perfect smile is now possible.

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