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Our Dental Services

From prevention and restoration to reconstruction and prosthetics: We offer a wide range of modern dental services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life. Get an overview here of the types of treatments we offer.

Our Main Focuses

Prevention: Keeping teeth healthy

We detect and treat problems like tooth decay at an early stage. This prevents bigger issues down the road and is a simple way to keep you happy with your teeth and save you money. Click here for more information on general dental care.

Treating periodontitis: Keeping all your teeth

Periodonitis is a serious gum disease that, untreated, can not only lead to tooth loss, but also can cause bone loss in the jaw. Learn more about this disease and steps you can take to prevent it

Denture Services and Removable Prosthetics

Not all dental offices are the same when it comes to dentures and prosthetics.  Lack of experience and lab turn-around time are factors that often leave a patient regretting their choice of dental office when taking the step toward restoring their smile.  Very often a Dentist never meets or collaborates with the laboratory technician responsible for making your denture.

At Georgetown Dental we enjoy working with you to provide the very best denture or prosthesis available to you.  Our full-service, in-house denture lab allows us to bring denture technicians with over thirty years of experience into the operatory to improve patient outcomes drastically.

Ask us about implant-retained dentures.

Sedation Dentistry

Oral and Nitrous Oxide Sedation is available at Georgetown Dental for those who experience mild to moderate anxiety when undergoing dental procedures.

I.V. Sedation, also known as “twilight sedation”, is available at Georgetown Dental for patients who maintain elevated levels of anxiety in spite of the use of oral medications and Nitrous Oxide.


Additional treatments at our practice

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