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You get to chose from three different styles of dentures at Georgetown Dental:


This is our finest denture.

Your denture base is made from the highest quality dental acrylic available.

You get your choice of either acrylic or porcelain teeth.

We heat-pack your dentures for hours to ensure extra strength and durability.

Portrait dentures offer you a wide variety of tooth shapes and colors. In fact, you’ve got 26 choices in tooth color shade and 46 different tooth sizes. No worries, we’ll help you make the right choice to give you the natural, beautiful smile you want.

Your portrait denture has a 5 year guarantee (excluding normal wear and tear) and you get a year of free adjustments to make sure that your teeth feel as good as they look.

These are the strongest, most natural-looking teeth available anywhere and you’re going to love the way you look.


Select level gives you a superior quality denture.

The denture base is made of a natural, high quality acrylic. We heat-cure it for hours to give your denture superior strength and durability. Some dental labs don’t do this like we do… that can mean more expense and repairs for you down the road.

With select dentures from us, you get high quality, strong dentures that last plus they look and feel good.

Choices in tooth shades and shapes are available.

You’ve got months of free adjustments, if it’s needed, to insure you a comfort fit and a great smile.


Our standard denture is fabricated with good quality materials and Georgetown Dentals dedication to satisfaction. Choice in size and shape of teeth is available but limited.