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Preventive Dentistry: An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure.

The old saying is even truer when it comes to your teeth. Georgetown Dental knows the value of your teeth, and the importance of keeping them.


You have two experienced and caring hygienists at Georgetown Dental to provide you with complete instruction to maintain your teeth.


Proper home maintenance and diet combined with regular cleanings, periodontal (gum) maintenance, and routine examinations will keep most people from ever having to lose their teeth.



Your choice of toothbrush is important too. So many of us use a toothbrush long beyond the time it’s able to do the best job cleaning. We’ll show you what your best choices are for maintaining and keeping your own, real teeth.


You can get tooth care supplies from us. We’ll give you the best prices possible for any dental products you buy.


With proper, regular care of your teeth, you should have a happy, healthy natural smile for your entire life.


Not sure of the best daily care for your smile? We’ll work with you so you see how to save money and preserve your teeth for decades.


If you do develop a dental issue, Dr. Bott will assess your individual situation and develop a treatment plan tailored for your needs.